Are You In the Band? “No”

are you with the band?

Creative differences, secret love affair, or following your dream to be a wizard…we don’t know why bands breakup, we have no idea what it takes to be in a band but we have a list of musicians that we are glad went solo. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and if that means you gotta march to the beat of your own drum (literally and figuritavely) then DO IT! Imagine this, the M. Sisters in a band (dibs on the tambourine {Kenzie}) we would be the BEST BAND EVER (most definitely not). There would be some serious head banging, killer dance routines, and a lot of saxophone solos. Sounds awesome, am I right??? For business inquiries you are free to email us. Hope everyone is having an awesome #MusicMonday! ROCK ON PEOPLE!!


The M. Sisters

1. St. Vincent

2. Brandon Flowers

3. Fran Healy

4. Morrissey

5. Jack White


No, your calendar is not wrong it IS in fact Tuesday. Yesterday we celebrated our Music Monday by going to the Grammy Museum and FINALLY seeing the Ringo: Peace & Love exhibit. The Grammy Museum is a very interactive place and we LOVE that. We spent most of our time playing with the instruments, roaming the museum and the memorabilia as well as  listening to some great music. Without giving too much away the museum has so many great things. They dip into every aspect of music from how it’s made, who wrote it, who performed it, and who wore it. This museum has four levels of music history well worth seeing. We ended our tour with a well overdue visit to the Ringo: Peace & Love exhibit. First in the exhibit is a short film with clips from Ringo’s home life as well as his career (spoiler alert) many cameo’s by the Beatles. There are drum kits all over this place and two of them you can actually play and guess what, Ringo is there to teach you! On video nonetheless but still freaking exciting! Ringo Starr teaches you three types of beats, the same techniques he used to teach his son Zak who has been drumming for The Who since 1996. If it isn’t enough that you get to sit down and play on a replica of Ringo’s Black Oyster Pearl drum kit, you can also sing along with the Beatles in the Yellow Submarine Karaoke Booth! You had me at karaoke… The Grammy Museum was such a great way to spend our Music Monday hope everyone enjoyed their Monday!


The M. Sisters







Grammy Museum1 Grammy Museum8 Grammy Museum Grammy Museum 3 Grammy Museum 9 Grammy Museum10 Grammy Museum7


Grammy Museum5Grammy Museum6




Happy Monday!

Every Monday we will be posting a “Music Monday” post (almost every Monday) a post dedicated to music whether it’s shows we’ve been to, new music we’ve discovered, or anything that has inspired us recently. Our music related posts are not limited to just Monday’s but it’s a good start. To kick off our Music Monday post we thought it would be a good idea to put together an album of all the shows we attended this past month… we had a pretty good month so here it is. #rocktober


The M. Sisters