January 6th

Happy Birthday Mom.


“Mom, why don’t you be a professional singer?” I remember asking my mom this. Every night before bed, I listened to my mom sing to us. Song after song she would sing, waiting patiently for her kids to stop tossing and turning. I was sure my mom had the most beautiful voice in the world so why didn’t she sing for other people, why did she only sing for us? Now I understand, she’s our Mom. She sings to comfort her children, fight off their nightmares, and share the love in her heart. Her lullabies are something us kids will cherish forever. Aside from the sweet words she used to sing, now we are normally serenaded with song choices from Ed Sheeran, T- Pain, half of the top 100 pop songs, and some songs she just makes up on the spot. We love you Mom, keep on being the rockstar we all know you to be.


Your Kids

Christmas in Sedona

We spent part of our holiday season at our Aunt and Uncle’s home in Sedona and what can we say? WE LOVE SEDONA!  In 2006 they bought the Wings of the Wind house (does anyone else feel like Pocahontas when they say that?) and have been working on it ever since. This house was previously owned by Helen and Jack Frye a great bit of history that this home entails. Sedona is a place where we go to escape our busy city of Los Angeles, and what an escape it is. For us Sedona means you leave your cell reception at the main road, you dress to NOT impress, and you prepare to get your ass beat at mexican train dominoes . We are grateful to be a part of the history in this home, creating new memories with each visit and many more with our kids and our kid’s kids and our kid’s kid’s kids. (We plan on living forever) Sedona will always be our home away from home.


The M. Sisters

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Max & Blou


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Here are some personal pictures of the Wings of the Wind home thanks to Randall Reynolds and his lovely historical website.