The Holidays: Part 1

It has been a looonng time since we’ve had the gang back together in Sedona. Last year was a really busy holiday season for all of us, so it was nice to spend some time in Sedona with no agendas, alarms or noisy neighbors (have I mentioned Courtney & I live below gorillas? well we do.) Cody was able to join us for a bit before his move to San Fran with his girlfriend and I’m so glad he did, we miss our brother… a lot.  We hope everyone is enjoying the New Year!


The M. Sisters



We love our mornings with the doggies. It is our favorite way to wake up.



Nothing says San Fran like a new beanie & scarf.. at least that’s what we think.

sedona games1 sedona games Xmas

My two favorite models..^^

3 models

I mean three…

xmasss xmass

Momma & Cody

xmas xmasssss

Merry Christmas!!


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