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Last week Phoenix released the first act of a 4 part mini-documentary titled, INITIALS P.H.O.E.N.I.X. Directed by Guillaume Delaperriere, each video shows the creative process behind their most recent album Bankrupt! Fun fact! Phoenix played today at Governors Ball in New York, although we were not in attendance we hope to catch them on the west coast at Fyf Fest. You can now watch the entire documentary below!


The M. Sisters

A Snapchat Story: NYC

It has been almost 2 weeks since my sister left for NYC and I’m still alive!…barely. Courtney and I talk everyday about her fun adventures in the big apple and although I love listening to her stories, it makes me miss her so much more. We have this amazing app, Snapchat that helps fill the 2,794 mi. distance with pictures, FaceTime, and text. I’ve been taking screenshots of all the snaps Courtney sends my way and posted them below as what you might call a Snapchat Story. Enjoy!



P.S. We reunite in two days Sees!! ❤

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My Sister is a USC Graduate.

court grad1


I cannot express how proud I am of all that you have accomplished. Growing up we shared our closet, bedroom and even our friends. I am so happy that I get to share this special moment with you. As your little sister I can honestly say that you are the biggest inspiration in my life. I admire your kind and nurturing soul, your courage to do what you love no matter what, and your heart that knows no boundaries. I love you and wish you the best in your (our: let’s face it your stuck with me) bright future. FIGHT ON!


Lil Sees

court grad 9 court grad6 grad1 grad grad3 grad2 grad4 grad6photobombing professional Bob Mitchell aka Dad.  ❤



on friday two parents were faced with the tragic loss of their 3 year old son Ryan. although i did not know the family personally, i was a fan from social media. the purpose of this hashtag is to keep Ryan Saldana’s memory alive and you can do so by sharing his story. you can re-post pictures of this vibrant little boy from his mother’s instagram account with the hashtag #redballoonsforryan to show your love and support. There has also been a GoFundMe page started for the family and donations can be made here. my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Ryan Saldana ,may his fiery locks live on in our hearts. #redballoonsforryan

#redballoonsforryan #redballoonsforryan #redballoonsforryan #redballoonsforryan


San Francisco.

san fran

“What should we do tomorrow?”

“Disneyland or San Fran” we chose the latter.

Fortunately we had a couch to crash on in San Fran {shout out to Sacha & Cody! We love you!!} otherwise this spontaneous 2 day adventure would not have happened. It was about time us sisters took a trip to see our brother’s new place. I scream on the inside when I say “I visited my brother in San Fran.” It is just so weird to me, come home Codddyyyyy your twin misses you! Our time spent up north was short lived but I’m glad we lived it. Once we landed we were picked up by the tomato {Sacha’s car} with two very special people inside. They showed us the ropes of San Fran, did I mention they live next to the beach and the zoo?? Jealous. We toured the city, saw the sights and spent some good old fashion quality time together. On our last day we ate yummy food at La Boulange, drank some yummy boba, and went to explore on Haight & Ashbury {Sacha and I scored the best deal on boots 2 for $24! We were excited}. The weather took a turn for the worst so we went back home to watch a movie, eat some lunch, {on the menu: Chicken nuggets with Soda pop} and then played an intense game of Egyptian Rat Slap before our flight. Thanks again Sacha & Cody for giving us a slice of your new San Fran life! We’ll be back soon and we’ll be better at Egyptian Rat Slap…


The M. Sisters

P.s. Spontaneity is good for the soul.

san fran san fran san fran san fran san fran san fran san fran san fran Best garlic fries ever!san fran san fran san fran san fran san fran san fran san fran san fran san fran san fran san fran san fran Listen

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If you were to combine the sounds of Grizzly Bear and Beirut your outcome would be Forestears! Their sound is incredible and it’s been my jam commuting to and from work for the past week.  I can’t even tell you what genre their music falls under except for the “THEY’RE REALLY GOOD, JUST TRUST ME” genre. This creative bunch comes from Brighton and keeps us on the other side of the pond wanting more. Big things are in store for these guys, I’m sure of it. Check out their video for their song Smoulder House below.

Click the Picture below and like them on Facebook!


P.s. this girl loves her some trumpet.




A Birthday in Paradise


ALOOOOHA! This year we celebrated the big 21 in Hawaii with some of our favorite people. Shall we do a head count?

– Kenzie – Cody – Courtney – Sacha – Kenna – Taylor – Momma – Auntie –

What a gang!! We are no strangers to the hawaiian lifestyle. All us Mitchell’s were given our names by our mom when we were born; Kalei, Ka’eo and Leinani. I think my mom ranks this trip 2nd best thing in her life, after her kids being born of course (wink wink). We all tried brushing up on our hula skills that my mom taught us so long ago because for some reason we thought this would come in use while in Hawaii. The opposite is true, we did not dance hula. We danced like nobody was watching and in fact there were lots of people watching and I am proud to say that I get my rhythm from my mother. (Queue Will. I. Am of the Black Eyed Peas) My mom would kick anyone’s butt in a hula dance off… Just saying.

“What is it like being a twin? Can you read each other’s minds?” the most common asked questions to any twin ever… No we can’t read each other’s minds and we don’t have any awesome twin powers…yet. It’s funny seeing how interested people can be in your life as a twin when having a twin is my normality. It’s all I’ve ever known. Right now the hardest part about being a twin is being away from him.  We’re on our own separate paths in life now, my path brought me to LA and Cody’s brought him to San Fran. Despite being what feels like planets away, we were able to reunite in paradise! Our birthday was full of sunburns, rainbow bread, turtles and lot’s of  Aloha spirit. Thank you to those who made this birthday so special. I love you.



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Birthday wishes from the one and only G-Ma

hawaii73 hawaii74

Some momma lovin.

hawaii75 hawaii80

TwinHappy Birthday Cody, I love you.



A Letter to My Sister On Her Birthday.



Today is your birthday which means two things… 1) you are no longer covered by Dad’s dental insurance  2) there is a 10 year age gap between you and Ryan Gosling (go get him girl.) Both facts are true but what I really wanted to tell you is how much I love you. Regardless of the fact that I once made the mistake of calling you my roommate (even though when someone lives with each other that is what they are called) you are so much more than that. You are the person I admire most,  my strength for when I am weak, and my comfort for when I feel lost. As your little sister it is my duty to remind you of what a great job you are doing in life. I am so proud of the woman you have become and all that you’ve accomplished, you have been the perfect example of a big sister so I’ve made a list of all the reasons why I love you.

  • I love when you squeeze my arm and stomp your feet while clenching your teeth for no reason but “because I love you”.
  • I love that any chance you get you try to scare me because I deserve some payback.
  • I love that you ask me to help you get ready. To me it’s a way I can help since you do so much for me. (Sorry I’m a lousy cook)
  • I love your fascination with movies. You can spend hours in a movie store like everything is new and your seeing it for the first time, even if we were there the day before.
  • I love that when you take a picture and it doesn’t turn out, you’re genuinely sorry.
  • I love that every time I go to brush my hair I know I’ll find the brush on the nightstand rather than in the bathroom.
  • I love that you always offer to drive b/c you know that driving scares me.
  • I love that you force your cuddling on me b/c you know it will make me feel better… no matter how hard I try to push you off.
  • I love that you help me in the mornings b/c I’m normally running late and you make a mean cup of joe.
  • I love that you always think the best of people.
  • I love that you know me better than I know myself.
  • I love that I can call you MY sister.

This could go on forever. I hope you have an amazing Birthday, I love you with all my heart.


Your Lil’ Sees

Valentines Day the M. Sisters Way.

The Last Bookstore


Valentines day in Los Angeles is just like the movies… really, it is picture perfect. We loved seeing our city painted in pink and red, seeing strangers in crosswalks with their hands full of flowers, chocolates, and love notes. Love was definitely in the air, if only everyday could be Valentines day! We spent our day all over the city, we began our day with a very yummy brunch at SYRUP Desserts in Downtown {amazing food and goodies!} After filling our bellies we went to The Last Bookstore and spent most of our time in there. We both were completely consumed by this incredible place, we moseyed down each aisle, grabbed a couple of books and read for a bit in some chairs that they had so conveniently placed at the end of each aisle. If we could we would bring blankets and tea, sit in those chairs and vegetate while reading all day. Next on our agenda was Amoeba, dinner and a movie. We picked up some vinyls to add to our record collection and bought a couple of movies. FYI if you don’t already know Amoeba has a great selection of movies and T.V. shows for sale, all upstairs! To end our night we grabbed some In n Out and watched Before Sunrise from our comfy couch. We can’t think of a better way to have spent our Valentines day and who better to spend it with than your sister!


The M. Sisters


The Last Bookstore The Last Bookstore The Last Bookstore

We received a very special Valentines Day card in the mail from our two favorite lovebirds all the way from San Francisco!


Phat is a love word in our family. Why? We don’t know but we like it.


Handmade with love by Sacha. {P.S. check out her blog, we live vicariously through it.}




Face to Face.

lady date

This is Kyrsten, we met through Instagram. This past Thursday I met up to have a long overdue lady date with this cool cat. Among having many mutual friends we initially met through instagram. I joined instagram about 2 years ago and was very confused as to how the whole thing really worked. Who should I follow? How do you find people to follow? What are the rules to instagram? Is posting two pictures in one day aloud? (I am guilty of posting more than once a day.. sue me.) This girl was one of my first followers and I can’t believe it has taken us this long to get together, but I’m so glad we finally did.

This whole face to face meeting came about because Kyrsten is visiting London in the Spring and wanted some pointers, and since we’re friends on instagram she’s seen that I  had been across the pond before (funny how that works). I was so glad to share my thoughts and experiences with someone other than my diary! So we chatted over a nice cup of coffee at the Daily Dose Cafe and my goodness we were both in awe from this crazy beautiful place… especially in the rain! (ambiance at its finest!!) so naturally we had a mini photoshoot. It was the perfect setting for girl talk; traveling stories, boys and ghost stories… not sure how we got on that last topic but whatever, who doesn’t like a chilling ghost story? or a really lame one? After coffee we went to the Standard Hotel to try on some Warby Parker Readers…(Kyrsten is new to the whole glasses game) that place is so freaking cool. Any place that has hot pink sofa couches in their lobby is ok in my book.  Annyyyywaaayyyssss I had a lovely time getting to know this girl and am so so happy we were finally able to meet face to face.



lady date lady date lady date lady date

How cute is this girl in glasses?

lady date lady datelady date